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What Tonight's Super Pink Moon Means For Your Horoscope

The Super Pink Moon Is Tonight, and Here's How It Affects Your Horoscope


check where Scorpio & Taurus fall in your chart, that area of your life will be where you feel this energy. #astrology #fullmoon #scoprio #taurus

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Look up! April's super pink moon will light up the night sky tonight on April 26, and this astrological event is more than just a sight to see. According to astrology experts and enthusiasts on TikTok, this full moon (which sadly isn't going to actually appear pink in color!) in Scorpio is also a supermoon, meaning it'll bring with it changes for each zodiac sign. Because Scorpio is the sign of transformation, this is going to cause people to want to alter their lives, whether those changes be personal, in their career, or in a relationship. The moon will push the different signs to prioritize their self-love and self-worth, and it'll also make people dig deeper into their feelings. TikToker @maylikethemonthh also noted that people are "really going to desire meaningful emotional exchanges" due to this renewing moon.

This particular supermoon, nicknamed after a pink flower that blossoms this time of year (the phlox subulata), will peek at 11:33 p.m. ET. Since some planets have already begun moving into Taurus, this astological alignment will drive people to let go of what is no longer working and to make positive changes in their lives. It will also encourage everyone to embrace their worth as well as highlight their self-expression, enjoyment, and creativity. Tonight, be sure to catch this amazing solar event, and get ready to make meaningful changes in every aspect of your life!

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