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Walmart Secrets

There's a "Walmart Chant" and Other Employee Secrets Revealed

You never know what you might get when you enter the wacky world of Walmart — but it's certainly never boring. A Walmart employee who worked in the auto shop, another who works as a cashier, and one who was a customer service manager did Reddit IAMAs and revealed some very interesting details about the jobs, and some may really surprise you!

1. Do you have to get together for pre-shift spiritually motivated auto shop meetings each day?

"Thank god no. When I worked on the sales floor and worked morning they would have morning meetings where all of management and everyone would get in a big circle and talk about the goals for the day. At the end they always did this Walmart chant that still makes me cringe just thinking about it."

2. What is the craziest thing anyone has tried to return?

"We get all sorts of sh*t that's not even from Walmart to begin with. I've had people bring in dirty clothes, old electronics, guns . . . the weirdest was when somebody tried to return lumber, and we absolutely did not have a lumber yard."

3. Do you ever get offered/take tips?

"Even if I was offered tips it's against the rules to accept gifts from anyone except fellow employees at Walmart."

4. Biggest mess made in the store?

"Some lady dropped a gallon of milk in a line and I guess she dropped another one while she was trying to help clean it up. Those gallons make a huge mess and they are so hard to clean up."

"One year, around Christmas, I volunteered for an overnight shift. Two employees approached me and told me they found a turd. Lo and behold, there it was. On a shelf in the health and beauty section. Either someone put their ass up on the shelf or they dropped a deuce in the aisle and picked it up and put it there."

5. Is it pretty easy to get the job?

"Yup. It takes them a little bit and you gotta wait for an open spot, but the interview was quick and simple."

6. Does the "beep beep beep beep" of the registers ever get stuck in your head?

"It doesn't bother me at all. It's pretty reassuring actually because it lets me know if I scanned something twice."

7. How much did your employees make, on average? Did you pay minimum wage, or were most people getting paid $10+?

"Walmart recently changed their minimum pay rate. The lowest grades now make $10+. Regular floor associates start at $12."

8. Are the oil changes good at Walmart?

"Honestly it really varies. I got really lucky and my shop manager is a retired mechanic that just loves what he does so he decided to come work for Walmart because he loves it. The main problem is that people see it as a joke job and can sometimes really not care about the work, or some people really enjoy it like me and work hard at it. I've been to a lot of different Walmart automotive shops and they equally range from good to bad. Hopefully you can find a good one near you!"

9. Why 40 checkout stations but only 4 people working them?

"Walmart has this weird thing about hiring people for some reason. Cashiers are some of the hardest people to keep around too because they give them some really sh*tty hours. In all honesty though I think it might just be because they just hate hiring more people."

10. Do you have any memorable moments from working at Walmart?

"Working at Walmart is really what you make of it. I have had a lot of good and bad moments. My most memorable moment so far would have to be having a lady yell at me saying that I took her tires off of her car during her oil change and replaced them with used ones so I could take her new ones. That was an interesting one to explain to my boss."

11. Anything creepy, unexplained or criminal happen at your Walmart?

"We had a guy that would always come in wearing just overalls that would follow around different groups of girls as they shopped around the store. He didn't have any hair except for one little patch right in the middle of his head. Every time we called the cops to have him escorted out he would disappear and I've never met anyone that knows him or anything. We refer to him as 'patchy.' Some of the managers would try and talk to him every now and again, but I personally didn't want anything to do with him . . . I don't get paid enough for that."

12. Does the store make you feel sad? Do you feel like most of your co-workers are sad?

"On the sales floor especially on the grocery side people seemed sad but on my side people seem to be generally happy. We have a good time in the shop and all laugh so I guess it's just who you work with."

13. Do you try to always do things at your very best, or do you feel like "meh, it's just Walmart"?

"When I first started I always worked pretty hard to do things to the best I could, but over time I learned that I don't get rewarded for it so there's really no point to it."

14. Does the Walmart management at your location treat their employees fairly and with dignity?

"Management is definitely super nice and cool! I used to work at a local movie theater and they treated me like crap, so I'm glad I switched."

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