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Signs You Are From the Bay Area

40 Signs You're a True Member of the Bay Area

The Bay Area is basically its own little world. The location is a mecca of technology, food, sports, culture . . . I could go on and on. Whether you live in the heart of San Francisco or on the outskirts of the East Bay, there are some distinctive features to the area that we all know about. Keep reading to reminisce about one of the coolest places around.

  1. You shudder with revulsion when you hear the terms "Frisco" and "San Fran."
  2. You have said "hella" before.
  3. You've driven over the Bay Bridge a million times more than the Golden Gate Bridge.
  4. You know exactly who Sarah and Vinnie are.
  5. You got down to "Thizzle Dance" by Mac Dre at all high school dances.
  6. You are surprised when stores don't charge for bags and feel guilty when you can't recycle/compost your waste.
  7. People you grew up with constantly refer to it as "Yay Area."
  8. You never leave home without a light sweater.
  9. You are surprised when your flight hasn't been delayed due to fog.
  10. To you, "The City" is San Francisco.
  11. You know one sporting event (Warriors, Giants, 49ers) will ruin any chance you have of going anywhere.
  12. You know the rap poetry of Andre Nickatina and E-40 quite well.
  13. You had more than one friend with a club card in high school.
  14. You scoff when out-of-towners call it The Bart.
  15. Carne asada fries are an art that you appreciate to the fullest extent.
  16. You remember when Wild 94.9 was Wild 107.
  17. You know what cars parked along the side of the road at Grizzly Peak are REALLY doing.
  18. You don't know what snowy Winters are like.
  19. You have never been required to wear suits in an office setting.
  20. Earthquakes don't faze you, but you do have a couple jugs of water in your garage just in case.
  21. True freedom meant your mom drove you to the BART station.
  22. You've taken out-of-town guests to the Golden Gate Bridge before and had to turn around because it was fogged in.
  23. You regularly refer to weather patterns with male names, like Karl.
  24. Produce is in season all year long.
  25. When it's above 70 degrees outside, you FREAK out.
  26. You have been wine tasting . . . a lot.
  27. You avoid Pier 39 at all costs.
  28. When you meet someone from the Bay Area, you ask them where they went to high school.
  29. You went to Alcatraz on a field trip and not again since.
  30. The area is so socially progressive you feel like every other city is way behind.
  31. You have very strong opinions on the best place to get a burrito.
  32. You remember what neighborhoods were like the before they were gentrified.
  33. "Artisanal" is a regular word in your vocabulary.
  34. You believe Philz Coffee is totally worth the money.
  35. You think Uber is a pretty normal and basic way to get around.
  36. You are shocked by how cheap the rent prices are in other places.
  37. You have a list of the best pizza and burgers around.
  38. You have a Clipper card.
  39. You will travel for ice cream.
  40. You will never ever move anywhere else. Why would you?
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