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Most Popular Dog and Cat Names of 2011

Most Popular Pet Names of 2011

Petfinder has announced the most popular dog and cat names from 2011. "Buddy" continues to dominant the doggy world for the fifth year in a row, and "Lucy" wins again for the first-choice cat name. The Twilight saga seems to influence both dog and cat owners, as the name "Bella" appears high on both lists. Does your pet's name appear on this list? Tell us your pet's name in the comments below!

Rank Dog Names Cat Names
1 Buddy Lucky
2 Max Smokey
3 Daisy Bella
4 Bella Charlie
5 Lucy Tiger
6 Molly Oreo
7 Charlie Daisy
8 Jack Molly
9 Sadie Max
10 Rocky Midnight

Source: Flickr Users Yukari*, Grakus Art, and West Zest

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