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Michelle Obama VotingSquad Campaign

Michelle Obama Has Her #VotingSquad Lined Up. Do You?

Michelle Obama has been going around the country to encourage people to vote, and she's learned a little secret along the way: you are actually the best person to do that job. You know that one person who is too busy, or forgetful, or may flake out, and you can encourage them to get out and vote! In the video above, Michelle Obama is asking us all to do one thing: pick at least five people, and ask them to be in your #VotingSquad. Michelle Obama has one seriously epic squad with Tom Hanks, Janelle Monáe, Chris Paul, Faith Hill, and Tim McGraw all heading to the polls.

If this sounds easy enough to you (which it should), sign up your squad here! And then make sure you all vote on Nov. 6!

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