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Caitlyn Jenner Uses Bathroom at Trump Building

Caitlyn Jenner Thanks Donald Trump After Using Ladies' Room at Trump Hotel

Bathroom Break

Thanks Donald! #everyonehastopee #flushdiscrimination

Posted by Caitlyn Jenner on Wednesday, April 27, 2016

As a self-proclaimed Republican, Caitlyn Jenner must have been happy to hear Donald Trump come out against "bathroom bills" that forbid people from using the bathroom that corresponds to their gender identity. In a recent interview, the Republican front runner for president said if Caitlyn Jenner came into a Trump property she'd be welcome to use any bathroom she wants. So Caitlyn took Donald up on that, posting a "Bathroom Break" video to her Facebook page. Usually, I'd say social media posts about your bathroom habbits are TMI, but as they become politicized by transphobic lawmakers, it's clear they're not off limits. Watch Caitlyn's video, which includes a zinger for Ted Cruz at the end.

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