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Caitlyn Jenner Conservative Comments About Hillary Clinton

Surprise! Caitlyn Jenner Thinks Clinton's a Liar and Trump Is Good For Women

News flash: Caitlyn Jenner is still a Republican, and she wants you to know it. "Just because im a woman now, doesn't make me a liberal," she says in a new clip for her I Am Cait reality show.

The scene gets way heated when she and her friends start talking about the presidential candidates. Jenner says she's not a big fan of Donald Trump because of his macho attitude, but then adds, "It doesn't mean he'd be good for women's issues — I think he'd be very good for women's issues." With that, her friends let out a "What?!" and a "Kill me now."

It gets even more dramatic when she's asked to choose between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. "I would never ever, ever vote for Hillary. . . . If Hillary becomes president, the country is over," she says, before calling Clinton a "f*cking liar" and getting into a shouting match with the other ladies, most of whom walk out on her.

Watch the full clip, then check out what a Clinton vs. Trump showdown would look like.

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