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Couples During Social Distancing | Trey Kennedy Video

Someone Made a Video Showing What Couples Are Like in Quarantine: "Get Out Right Now!"

If you're currently trying to make the most of working from home with your significant other turned coworker — whether by creating separate office spaces or coming up with a shift schedule to make life a little easier — chances are you've run into a few snags. In a video shared to his YouTube account, Trey Kennedy poked fun at some of the relatable obstacles couples might be facing in figuring out how to work around each other while sheltering in place.

"Do you even have anything to do at work? You do not seem very busy," Trey says in the video after he catches his significant other (also portrayed by himself) watching sports instead of working. The video goes on to show what it's like for some couples at dinnertime, choosing what to watch on TV, scrolling through old photos on Facebook, and more. Watch the full video here for a much-needed laugh.

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