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Long-Distance Boyfriend Writes Song During Social Distancing

Staying Home Separately, This Boyfriend Comforted His Girlfriend With an Original Song

One boyfriend just used his musical talents to comfort his long-distance girlfriend during this challenging time. Cael Dadian, a 23-year-old singer and music producer living in San Diego, recently surprised his girlfriend, who lives in Mexico, with a romantic song in her honor. Not only that, but Cael also recorded the moment she first heard the song over FaceTime.

"Just love me/I still can't believe that you do when I look at you," sings Cael in the song's chorus. As you can imagine, his partner was pretty moved by the gesture, and she was tearing up as it played. Once the song was over, Cael asked, "Remember that song I've been working on for a minute?" Watch the heartwarming video above, and then enjoy this music video that tells the story of how Cael and his girlfriend met.

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