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Woman With Anxiety Writes Letter to Her Husband

This Woman With Anxiety Wrote a "Thank You" to Her Husband For Keeping His Promise

At times, Megan Lakin's anxiety gets so bad that she tells herself that hiding away from everyone is what's best.

However, whenever she enters into these dark spaces, there's always one person waiting it out by her side or managing to pull her out: her husband, Travis. "I convince myself that no one around me wants to hear or deal with my issues. Then my husband brings me back to reality," Megan told POPSUGAR. "There are days when getting dressed and brushing my hair are simply too much — debilitating at times — but my husband is always there to pick me up and make me feel 'normal' again."

During the low times when Megan feels worthless — which have nothing to do with Travis or his lack of love — he also works to make Megan see herself the way he sees her. "Without him even saying a word, he always reminds me that I'm better than the feelings I'm having about myself on the inside," she said. "He loves me unconditionally, even on my worst days when I'm taking everything out on him, and he reminds me that my life is worth something."

Megan realizes that there's a simple reason Travis works so hard to be there for her through her battle with anxiety and appreciates that not everyone has this limitless support. "He does all of this because he loves me. We said our vows to one another and he stands by his words, 'through sickness and in health,'" she said. "Life would be impossible without him."

For keeping his promise, Megan shared a tear-jerking message for her partner on Instagram:

"To my husband,

I don't say it nearly enough, but thank you. Thank you for keeping your promise to always be by my side. Thank you for always putting me first. Thank you for giving up so much without saying a word. Thank you for seeing through my illness and still loving me unconditionally."

Megan explained that living with someone who deals with anxiety like her is a task in itself. "Every day we wake up, we're faced with the battles of my mood swings and you're always ready and prepared. You make sacrifices just to [e]nsure I'll have a good day," she wrote. "You bite your tongue, just so I won't feel worse about how much I overreacted to absolutely nothing."

In the eight years that they've been together, Megan knows that there have been times when Travis has felt helpless when it comes to being able to help her ease her pain. "I know you get exhausted with my mood swings and I know without a doubt if you could make it all go away, you would," she wrote. "But just know, just being you helps make everything OK."

This past year, they've endured their first year of marriage and the stress has tested their limits, but they've come through together even stronger. "I never in a million years dreamed of finding someone as gentle and caring as you," she wrote. "Someone who could put life back into my soul. Someone to just hold me when the voices are screaming at me inside."

Megan isn't afraid to admit that life would be impossible without Travis and that he's proven to her that she's worthy of love — even when she doubts it most. "You're my rock, best friend, husband, and partner for life . . . I love you long time, Lover face," she wrote. "Sincerely, Your anxious wife who loves you as much as she loves pizza."

Image Source: Megan Lakin
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