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Types of Friends Married Couples Need

Why Married Couples Need Friends Who Are in Healthy Partnerships, Too

People need people. The people you have in your life offer stability. They can help be a guiding light when you're not sure where you're going. They are there to comfort you when things aren't going smoothly. Their presence is felt and valued in your life. We need to have friends around us who we trust to help us improve ourselves.

It's the same when you're in a relationship, especially for married couples. Interacting with another couple can help you become more aware of your own relationship, both your good qualities and the places where you can put in some extra work. Spending time with other married couples to share your experiences and learn from each other is huge.

In the same way that hanging out with an individual who inspires you makes your life better, spending time with another married couple that inspires you can enhance your own marriage. They key is, you need to choose good couple friends who are in healthy marriages.

They key is choosing good couple friends who are in healthy marriages.

We have all had those friends who are constantly negative about everything. Their complaining can be corrosive enough one on one, and negative couples make the problem exponentially worse.

I know someone who will tell anyone who will listen about her marital problems. From the awful way they talk to each other to listing the doozy fights they've had, she'll complain about it all, even sharing issues they've had in their sex life. When you're married, friends like this don't just drag you down — they can negatively affect your entire relationship. A friend's pessimism change your point of view and can bring out completely unfounded insecurities.

You need to learn to recognize which couples in your life are good for you and which are negative. Allow yourself to become sensitive to what you are hearing from other married couples in your life. Is their influence uplifting or discouraging?

Pick Up Good Habits — and Share Them

Take notice of the married couple you know who encourage you in your marriage. Pay attention to couples who work together well and take care of each other. No marriage is ever going to be perfect, but surrounding yourself with trusted friends who have healthy marriages can help to keep your relationship growing stronger.

Work on being that married couple for your friends as well! Be honest with your married friends about the work you put into your relationship and give support. Keep practicing good habits with your partner. We all need each other.

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