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Midwife Shares Photo of Period-Stained Scrubs

Why This Unapologetic (and Amazing!) Woman Wants You to See Her Period-Stained Pants

Nattbarnmorska = haft 3 förlossningar. Då hinner man inte kissa eller byta sanitetsprodukter. Tack och godnatt 😂👌🏻🙃😴☠️😨🤡🤡🤡🤡

Posted by Petra Vinberg Linder on Thursday, July 13, 2017

Petra Vinberg Linder has only been at her new job as a midwife for one week, but that doesn't mean she hasn't already made sacrifices because of the grueling hours.

In order to prove how dedicated you need to be to become a medical professional and to shed light on what happens when industries leave female employees understaffed, Petra posted a photo of her bloodied scrubs on Facebook after a night shift. However, her uniform wasn't soiled from a newborn baby — the pants were stained from her period and the fact that she didn't have time to grab a tampon or pad.

"Overnight midwife = three deliveries," she captioned the photo on Facebook. "Then you don't have time to pee or change your sanitary products. Thank you and good night."

The Swedish midwife works at a hospital in Stockholm and explained that because she was so busy with deliveries, it just wasn't possible for her to run to the bathroom even when her period started visibly leaking through her white scrubs. "We want and need more maternity staff. Now," she told HuffPost UK.

According to Petra, her hospital's staff is overstretched and employees need better working conditions. "It's a very difficult field of work. I love my job, I chose it and I want to work in this field, but I wonder after a night like this how many years I'll manage," she told The Local. "I'm 40, I'll work to 65 if I'm fit, but can you manage that? There are so many people in this country who want to work with childbirth, but don't because of the working conditions."

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