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2018 Zodiac Forecast For Libra

Hey, Libras, 2018 Will Be the Year You Finally Get Everything You Want

Now is the perfect time for Libras to celebrate a fresh start to the year while also reflecting on how far they've come. This year might have been a whirlwind of a year, and it's time to think about ways to live mindfully and with intent. This is the year to put an end to procrastination and careless rushing while focusing on happiness, serenity, and fun in unexpected ways. You'll learn to appreciate your most cherished friends more than ever before while learning to slowly accept new people into your life. Here's how your year will play out, Libras.


Remember: you have the right to make money and do what you love. If you're feeling stuck at work, talk to your boss about ways to grow and expand your role. Your problem-solving abilities are special, and you need to be somewhere you'll be greatly appreciated. If you're going through the motions day after day and live for the weekends, it might be time to explore new career opportunities.


Any emotional baggage you're carrying from previous experiences will turn off potential partners. You'll slowly let go of those experiences by allowing new and creative people to heat up your love life. Allow your well-meaning friends to set you up on blind dates and don't be afraid of approaching that cute stranger. You'll need new and refreshing energies to enter your life on an ongoing basis, so start giving people more chances!



Your mental health is likely to take a toll during your busiest days. Take some time during the weekend to carefully lay out your week, including your meals, workouts, and sleep schedule. Leave a little room for adjustments throughout the week so you don't feel confined to a calendar — find your own perfect blend of planning ahead and going with the flow.


Decluttering your closet can feel liberating, but take the time to carefully organize your wardrobe. You're likely to regret getting rid of one of your favorite statement pieces or that pair of jeans you can't find anywhere if you haphazardly toss things out in a giant garbage bag. Make a day of carefully tossing, donating, and organizing your favorite clothes and accessories and you're sure to get inspiration for new outfits.


It's time to amp up your dating game — which means you'll stop settling for lame dates and late texts this year. Turn your bad dates into fun lessons by sharing your experiences with friends and family (something Libras ordinarily avoid doing). You'll feel less alone and will rack up some sound love advice and knowledge that will make you feel even more confident and sensual.

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