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2018 Zodiac Forecast For Leo

Calling All Leos: Here's What's Ahead For You in 2018

2017, was, um, interesting to say the least. In epic news that united North America, we experienced a historic solar eclipse. In less stellar news, we (barely) survived the first year of a super strange presidency and saw the #MeToo movement sweep the globe. So, needless to say, we're very excited for the new year and a fresh start. And, no one is better at putting a clean slate to good use than you, action-oriented Leo.

Your optimism, energy, and warmth will not only make you the life of every gathering this year, but will make every setback and disappointment seem like no biggie. If faced with negative situations or people, you'll come out on top. #PositiveVibes all around, Leo. Keep the good feelings going by taking care of number one all year long. Get ready for all the inspiring news coming your way!


Your career in 2017 was a bit confusing, messy, and full of stress for you. This year, you'll be much more relaxed, and able to enjoy it! But, you'll have to continue working at managing your attitude and triggers when they arise in order to keep things under control. The good news is, business will be positive in 2018. You'll become very ambitious come July. This year promises some very important contracts that will come to fruition, which will be long-lasting. It's also expected that you'll reap the rewards of all your hard work — through monetary increases and even advancements in job title. Expanding your activities at work can also prove to be productive.


Always the charmer, Leo, use your strengths and inner fighter to deliver on that huge project for your boss or kindly lend a hand to a co-worker who looks overwhelmed. It'll feel good and won't go unnoticed! Already paid your dues? Continue taking the lead and finally ask for that raise! However, be cautious of envy among your coworkers — it can cause unnecessary stress on the quality of work and the people in the work environment. But, don't let it make you bitter. Stay big-hearted and ambitious! It's what you're best at.

If you're looking for a job, you'll get lucky later in the year when Saturn, the work planet, moves into your sign in July.


Mid-February is the perfect time to hit the restart button on your romantic life. Don't miss this chance to fix something that's been eating at you, or make that overdue apology. Owning up to your mistakes comes from incredible strength and humility. Unfortunately, it's not the best time for single Leos to find a partner-in-crime. And, if you are coupled-up, it may be difficult to find a balance between being you and pursuing your interests, and having one-on-one time. However, by June, the romance is back to being lighthearted and exciting. Just be careful not to get too caught up in your own ego to throw your partner off-course. Communication will be key — listening as well as speaking from the heart. Your actions will directly impact what occurs in your love life.

Family and Friendship

Fights with siblings and/or parents are inevitable this year. Just make sure to handle them maturely by trying to be the voice of reason. Don't let your impatience get the best of you – hear your family members out before reacting or overreacting to a situation. You'll feel better in the end as it's always best to proceed with a bit of caution in these situations. The good news is, it's all temporary. No one can walk on eggshells forever.

During the second half of 2018, you'll make a new friend, or find yourself working on re-building an old friendship. This will prove fruitful for the long-term. It will also help you get away from a bit of your work responsibility while putting your emotions and heart to good use.


Good news: your money situation is looking up! Although your second house of finance is not a House of Power this year (it's not as important to you as other areas are), your income will see growth, but later than you thought. Until November, there are financial opportunities in a variety of industries such as sales, advertising and creative writing. After November, look to restaurants, hotels, and home-focused industries for opportunity. Family-owned businesses also seem profitable this year thanks to support from family members.


Make sure you focus on your health this year, Leo. You could easily become ill if you put numero uno on the back burner. Exercise and a balanced, healthy diet are basics, of course. But, it's also important you learn to pace yourself – it's OK to say no when you're feeling burnt out or stressed. Meditation and yoga are great for feeling centered again and improving your life in general. Plus, they'll help you stay in peak performance shape so you can own the boardroom and be healthy for that trip you're longing to take!


Get ready to jet set, Leo! Hope your passport is nowhere near expired, because March to July are optimal times for you to hop on a jet plane. No clue where to go? If you're looking to stay committed to your New Year's health goals, try a healthy destination where you can eat, live, and play while getting back in touch with your inner peace.

Are you a yogi, into hiking, or dying to take that surfboard back out? This is your year to check a super cool location like South Africa off your list. Dying to see the Northern Lights? March is a great month to finally knock that off your bucket list, as well.

If frequent travel isn't enough for you, and a more permanent stay abroad has been on the brain, all signs point to this being your year for settling in a foreign country. Just make sure you thoroughly weigh all your options as you search for the perfect location!

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