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Mau y Ricky New Music Video "Me Enamora"

Mau y Ricky’s New Song "Me Enamora" Is the Perfect Distraction You Need Today

Get ready to feel good and even laugh a little with Mau y Ricky's new song and video "Me Enamora." "We wanted to release a song that we think inspires happiness, obviously love — which is what we stand for. A feel-good song, super catchy, that people are going to be singing for a while," Mau told POPSUGAR about "Me Enamora."

The cinematic video features humorous moments that see the brothers in unfortunate circumstances during dates. "The video is fun, it's funny, it has our essence through and through, and we think it's going to be very special," Ricky added. The video also features a drive-in theater and more scenes reminiscent of '80s rom-coms. It's much-needed comic relief that will even leave you in the mood to do a little dancing.

"It's definitely a different and strange time to be releasing music," Ricky said, "but what's kept us sane while we've been indoors the whole time is actually music." They also acknowledged that while they've never released a song in this situation, they're curious to see how people take to their music during this time, to figure out how they can support to their millions of fans.

In the meantime, "Me Enamora" is resonating with fans, with its video getting close to a million views in less than a day of its release. Mau y Ricky are also encouraging everyone to stay home and launched a virtual hangout on Instagram Live, where they'll be connecting with other artist friends to chat with their fans. "While it's important to practice social distancing, it's also important to be closer than ever," Mau said.

Thankfully, technology has allowed us to maintain and reinforce connections in a way we maybe hadn't thought of before, and Mau y Ricky are going the extra mile to reassure their community that we will get through this. "In moments when pressure is applied, you start really seeing what people are made of, and we think it's important for us to promote love and pour love into people's lives."

Image Source: Photo Courtesy of Mau y Ricky
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