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How These Latina Moms Keep Their Friendships Alive

POPSUGAR / paid for by / RITZ Crackers

Whether you're a new mom or have years of experience, the struggle of keeping an active social life is real. Take it from moms and besties Daniella Rico and Tera Perez — in the video above, they share their tips to keep their friendship alive while dealing with the trials and tribulations of of mom life, work-life, and post-pandemic life. Watch the full clip and take notes on their best advice as they reunite for sobremesa in the garden, where they've prepared fresh drinks and Daniella's favorite snack: RITZ Crackers with guacamole. You can never go wrong with good food and better girl talk!

We've partnered with RITZ Crackers to follow real Latinas as they get together again for sobremesa and make all their friends (new and old) feel welcomed.