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CNCO, Abraham Mateo Performance at the Latin AMAs 2019

Yes, Hello? I Need CNCO to Twirl Me on the Dance Floor Like They Did at the Latin AMAs

I'm sorry, *NSYNC and Backstreet Boys, but CNCO is shaping up to be the greatest boy band of all time. They have English, but they also have Spanish. They have the pop moves, but also the salsa moves. And they represent five different Latin American countries, while still representing the US since they were born here. They are the boyband of this generation, and clearing the path for the next acts to come.

All of this was on display during their performance at the Latin American Music Awards last night. They kicked off with their hit "Me Vuelvo Loco" alongside Abraham Mateo, and transitioned to a colorful and heavily choreographed "Ya Tú Sabes," the next single from their brand-new album "Que Quiénes Somos," released last week.

Shout out to Abraham Mateo, who was sick but still managed to put a solid performance forward. We seriously can't wait for him to have his own solo number next year, because he's going to blow up really soon. He's one artist you need on your radar. After Abraham left the stage, the boys of CNCO — Christopher Vélez, Erick Brian Colon, Joel Pimente De Leon, Richard Camacho, and Zabdiel De Jesús — showcased their salsa skills, stepping away from the more contemporary moves they're used to, and now all I want is for them to twirl me around like they did to their dance partners.

Once again, CNCO put an amazing performance that left everyone wanting more music and more dancing, and now I'm here playing this video over and over, trying to copy their moves so when I meet them in person I can break into a dance with them. One can only dream!

Image Source: Getty / JC Olivera
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