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Gloria Estefan Plucks Andy Cohen's Eyebrows on TV

Find Out Why Gloria Estefan Plucked Andy Cohen's Eyebrows on TV

Andy Cohen comes up with the craziest games on Watch What Happens Live. The Bravo host played a hilarious (and totally bizarre) game of "Better Pluck Next Time" with guests Gloria Estefan and Leah Remini on Nov. 4, after he heard that Gloria prides herself on being a good eyebrow groomer.

For every Jennifer Lopez trivia question BFF Leah answered incorrectly, Gloria would pluck one of Andy's infamously bushy brow hairs. Spoiler alert: Leah forgot what NYC college J Lo attended and what year she wore that infamous sheer Versace dress to the Grammys, and Andy suffered the consequences. Gloria did a great job shaping Andy's brows delicately and without inflicting pain. Watch the fun game play out in its entirety above, then take a look back at all of Leah's girl Jennifer's best outfits of the year.

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