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Chrissy Teigen's Sweet 'n' Salty Plantains Recipe | Video

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend Went to the Hospital After Cutting Fingers While Cooking

Chrissy Teigen definitely knows how to host a dinner party, and if I'm ever lucky enough to get an invite to her house, you can bet I'm staying for seconds. In a video posted to her YouTube channel on Friday, Chrissy shares the recipe to her sweet 'n' salty plantains made two ways — is anyone else's mouth watering profusely yet?

While making salty plantain chips — which she recommends covering in coconut oil before baking, by the way — Chrissy tells the story of the time she and husband John Legend both managed to cut off the tips of their fingers with a mandolin and had to head to the hospital to have their digits reattached. Here I thought I was hazardous to myself in the kitchen. After the unexpected story, Chrissy goes on to share her recipe for sweet plantains. She recommends serving them with scotch bonnet pepper hot sauce. Yum! Watch the full video above.

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