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Yoga Poses to Work Your Butt Without Heavy Squats

6 Yoga Moves a Teacher Says Will Help You Get That Booty, Without the Heavy Squats

Look, squats may be great for your butt and legs and even your core, but not every day is a good day to grab your heavy weights and pump out multiple sets. When you want to work your butt without the squats, yoga instructor Nicole Calhoun, PhD, ERYT, has some solutions.

"Heavy squatting can wreak havoc on your knees, your hips, and your lower back," Calhoun explained in her Instagram video, so when you need a break, she suggested six yoga poses that will engage and work your glutes, no squats to be found:

These bodyweight moves work different areas of your glutes and will help you feel strong (especially in your butt!) and grounded. Check out Calhoun's video above, and drop a couple of these into your routine to put your butt to work!

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