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Watch Nika Kljun's Dance Routine to "Que Calor" by J Balvin

This Dance Routine to J Balvin's "Que Calor" Is the Upgrade Your Cardio Workouts Need

Almost a year after the release of "Que Calor" by J Balvin and Major Lazer, I've still got this reggaetón hit on repeat. It's on all of my workout playlists, and now, my next goal is to learn this dance routine Nika Kljun choreographed to "Que Calor." From the moment the beat drops, you'll be doing eight-counts that require all of your energy to execute, and you're more than likely going to feel every body roll, level change, and jump in every muscle, especially your legs and abs. Grab some water and check out the full routine in the video above.

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