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Soulja Boy Hip-Hop Floor Routine From Isis Lowery

Attitude and Amplitude: I Can't Get Over This Soulja Boy Hip-Hop Floor Routine

Collegiate gymnastics is over — the 2020 NCAA season was cut short due to the coronavirus outbreak — and my heart has been heavy ever since. That's why I like to reminisce about the amazing routines these kickass athletes have done this year. One of which is a floor performance from Oregon State senior and Australia native Isis Lowery, who's made a point to bring high energy and entertaining character onto the floor ever since she was a freshman.

In the routine above, Lowery shows off her clean tumbling and music-video-level moves. It's set to two hit songs that frequented the playlists at all of my middle school dances (and a few bar mitzvahs): "Walk It Out" by UNK and the coveted "Crank That (Soulja Boy)" by Soulja Boy himself. The routine is fun, full of personality, and features so many iconic moments; Lowery places a pretend crown on her head, opens with a flawless front layout double, and does a series of cool rolls into the ever-iconic worm. She also sneaks in part of the Soulja Boy dance!

She flips high and keeps our spirits up. Attitude and amplitude: that's how you do it!

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