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Rhythmic Gymnastics Hoop Routine to "Believer" Video 2019

After Surviving Ovarian Cancer at Age 4, Gymnast Wins Gold For Mesmerizing "Believer" Routine

Flawless and fascinating — this is the gymnastics finals hoop routine that won 16-year old Daniela Reggie Dela Pisa a gold medal at the 2019 Southeast Asian Games Rhythmic Gymnastics competition. During her astounding debut performance, she also took home a pair of bronze medals.

Flipping and twisting as she manipulates a hula hoop around her body and through the air, Daniela is completely mesmerizing! We can't take our eyes off this routine. It's amazing how much control she has as the shimmering hoop soars high above, across the floor, and floats around her limbs. And her song choice, "Believer" by Imagine Dragons, has the perfect tempo to get anyone pumped, and we're totally bobbing our heads along to the infectious beat.

As if it wasn't incredible enough to see Daniela win gold, it means even more because there was a time in her young life that her dream of doing gymnastics was almost impossible. At just 4 years old, Daniela was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. With chemotherapy, she was able to beat it and continue training under her mother Darlene, who was also a gymnast. This win will undoubtedly make her stronger and inspired to keep reaching for her goals.

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