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Pitch Perfect HIIT Workout Video From Emkfit

This 18-Minute Pitch Perfect HIIT Workout Has Me Sweating Like a Barden Bella

Looking for a (pitch) perfect dance-cardio routine that's less than 20 minutes? YouTuber and Canfitpro-certified trainer Emily Thorne, aka Emkfit, has the video for you. This 18-minute routine is set entirely to tracks from the first Pitch Perfect movie, including faves like "Cups (When I'm Gone)" and the Barden Bellas' a cappella finale ("Price Tag," "Don't You (Forget About Me)," etc). If you are like me and haven't listened to these songs in a few years, you've probably forgotten how incredibly catchy they are. In that case, proceed with caution: even if you weren't planning on doing a sweaty HIIT dance workout today, you'll find yourself jumping up, joining in, and maybe even going for those high notes. (Just me?) Check out the full workout above!

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