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Watch This Meditative Dance Video to Leon Bridges's "River"

A Dancer's "Movement Meditation" Videos Are Helping Me Serenely Close Out a Stressful Year

Listening to "River" by Leon Bridges is a meditative experience on its own, but one acclaimed choreographer has made it even more so with a soothing warmup (or cooldown) routine that anyone can follow despite their dance experience.

In early December, Galen Hooks announced that she would be releasing Movement Meditation videos on each Monday of the month. "These offer immediate relief, escape, and peace! Let's finish the year strong," she said in the video description, before inviting viewers to mirror her movements in each video. "You can match me exactly or just generally." Galen kicked things off with Miguel's sensual "Adorn," but it's her "River" routine that really moved us. Give it a try above, and look out for more Movement Meditation videos every Monday.

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