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Tips For Maintaining Eye Health

Start a Healthy Eye Routine to Combat Office Environs

You work out every day and have a dental hygiene routine that would make any DDS proud, but are you proactive about your eye health? Since a lot of us spend countless hours a week on sitting at desks and staring into computers, maintaining a healthy eye routine is essential. From the glare of the monitor to the dry office air, it seems that our workhorse eyeballs never get any respect. So with all the abuse they take, why not be proactive to make sure you keep your eyes healthy? Learn important tips to babying those baby blues (or browns, or greens) after the break.

  • Use the right type of eye drops. Chronic eyestrain often means blood-shot eyes, but drops that take care of red eye won't work for dry eyes — in fact, they can cause them to become drier — and using them continually may make your eyes redder. Artificial tears work great for dry eyes, and you can buy preservative-free versions if you are sensitive or allergic.
  • Drink green tea. A cup full of the green stuff is just what the optometrist ordered to help keep your eyes healthy and disease-free. Studies have found that our retinas absorb the antioxidant-rich catechin compounds found in green tea, which lowers our risk for developing certain eye diseases like glaucoma. Lutein-rich foods like kale, eggs, and carrots also contain eye-benefiting antioxidants.
  • Work 'em out. Start a regular eye-exercise routine (maybe while you're brushing your teeth?) that includes eye circles, diagonal, and long blinks. This strength training will prevent eyestrain while you're at your desk.
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