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Jackie Warner Interview About New Show Thintervention

Keeping Up With Jackie Warner

Trainer Jackie Warner is a busy lady. She wakes up at 6 a.m. almost every day to work out before beginning her day. And these days she is usually shooting her new Bravo TV show Thintervention, which will hopefully air this Fall. She recently carved time out of her day to speak with me and her excitement for the new "docu-drama" is infectious. Jackie described it as "the show she always wanted to make" and as the executive producer of the show she certainly has control over the final product. The tough trainer described the project to me like this: "I am working with seven people and I literally take them through a life changing journey for eight episodes, which is a total of eight weeks. It's a very powerful show. I think it is going to be eye opening for America. It's really interesting to see the process people go through to lose weight and the emotional process they go through when they have to live in the real world in their real element. We do not sequester them. They are just working the program on their own and they have to get through their own issues with food . . . but it's a group effort."

When I asked if she missed her old show Work Out she laughed and replied "No. Work Out had its purpose. I like to say 'Work Out happened to me. I made Thintervention happen.' I have a lot of creative control over the show. . . It is about me as a life coach."

It's not all TV lights for Jackie, she also recently developed Fit in Your Skin, a very thorough health program for folks living with psoriasis. Helping people with the condition is personal for her; she watched her grandmother's self esteem and health plummet with frequent outbreaks of psoriasis. Jackie firmly believes that slight autoimmune diseases from thyroid issues to chronic fatigue are a silent scourge of the nation, but dietary changes and fitness can dramatically improve these people's quality of life — sufferers of psoriasis too.


Learn about Jackie's new book when you read more.

On top of all that, Jackie recently published This Is Why You're Fat (And How to Get Thin Forever): Eat More, Cheat More, Lose More—and Keep the Weight Off ($25). The words "cheat more" in the subtitle definitely caught my attention. When following Jackie's eating program, you are allowed two cheat meals a week, not just one. "One cheat meal a week is not enough. It is enough for quick dietary change, but it is not enough for lifestyle change. If you want long term success your better not deprive yourself." Her cheat foods: pizza and ice cream.

Stay tuned for more from Jackie coming to FitSugar later this week. She has some great insights to share on changing your eating and workout habits for the better.

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