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Is the Willow Breastfeeding Pump Covered by Insurance?

How to Get the Popular Wearable Willow Breast Pump at a Discount Through Insurance

Willow, the brand behind the popular hands-free breast pump, is hoping to make its $500 wearable pump more accessible for parents with its new insurance coverage tool. Through its partnership with Healthy Baby Essentials — a licensed durable medical equipment distributor — Willow's insurance verification feature, which launched in February, provides breastfeeding parents with a variety of ways to potentially save on a Willow pump.

"As we continue to offer breakthrough innovations for moms, we also wanted to address barriers to obtaining our industry-leading pump, reducing the stress of pumping for more moms," Chief Marketing Officer Sarah O'Leary said in a press release. "With the Affordable Care Act, about 80% of moms are offered some form of insurance coverage for breastfeeding support. Now, with Willow's new Insurance Verification Feature, we can get our hands-free, mobile pump to as many women as possible; making it more accessible and affordable."

And the best part? You won't have to speak to your insurance company directly — Healthy Baby Essentials does all the work for you.

On the Insurance Coverage Program page, parents will enter their info, including insurance documentation and plan information. From there, they will receive a quote for the pump with any available discounts before the request is sent to their insurance company. If the coverage is as quoted, the Willow pump will ship directly to their home.

According to a Willow spokesperson, if the parent's coverage is different from the initial quote, they will "receive personalized outreach from Willow's partner. They are managing any of the needed steps and follow up," so parents won't have to speak to their insurance companies directly.

"At Willow, our mission is to bring joy to motherhood. One way that we try to make good on our commitment is alleviating unnecessary stress for expecting and postpartum moms," Sarah told POPSUGAR. "We're working hard on expanding access and affordability for the Willow pump to more moms, and with the new Insurance Verification Feature on Willow's website, Mom can apply her benefits to our life-changing pump in one step. Oftentimes, moms make multiple calls to their insurance company to confirm benefits and then need to submit receipts after her purchase. Willow's Insurance Verification Feature saves Mom's valuable time and gives her the freedom to tackle other things on her to-do list."

In addition to savings through insurance, Willow pumps are FSA/HSA reimbursement eligible and can be purchased through Affirm, the buy-now-pay-later tool that breaks your total purchase into monthly payments (for Willow, that's as little as $45 per month with interest over 12 months, or $83 per month without interest over six months).

Image Source: Willow
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