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Video of Sassy and Funny Kids | I Kid You Not

These 7 Ways Sassy Kids Frustrate Their Parents Are All Too Relatable

Sassiness, being fresh, getting cheeky — whether you're a pro sass-master or just a kid learning the ropes, it's a way of life. The little tots featured in this video are already well-versed in the art of getting too personal, going where they know they shouldn't, or giving a truly incredible side eye.

Their parents were kind enough to share their sometimes frustrating (but always hilarious) moments of true boldness from their kids with us. Whether it's a world-weary exasperation when brushing your teeth or a professional brownie heist, these are some attitudes we definitely all feel sometimes.

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Thanks to TikTokers @darin_nicole, @_hippiemama_, @ashleyldasilva, @baller_momma, and @tarazwer; Instagrammer @aria_is_chicc; and YouTuber @malanaya for sharing these sassy kid clips!

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