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Video of Cute Daddy-Daughter Moments | I Kid You Not

These Daddy-Daughter Playtime Moments Are Totally Melting Our Hearts

Everyday parenting can be a struggle, sure, but some dads are taking things to the NEXT level. We're talking multiple fully coordinated daddy-daughter outfits, with a unique dance that goes with each one! The cuteness is just off the charts, and we've seen some serious cuteness on those charts before.

And that's just the beginning of this collection of doting dads. From a father throwing an arm-wrestling match to his little princess to a precious baby that just learned to turn and can't turn away from daddy, there's a whole lot of endearing bonding happening here.

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Thanks to TikTokers @homeoftheharveys, @happy_heathens, @tiffanymickens, @shotgundroopy, @beeannalynn, @babyfaceniko, and @heatherlreed for sharing the fun with us!

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