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Video of Best Halloween Family Costumes | I Kid You Not

This TikTok Halloween Family's Costumes Have Our Jaws Dropping

Stunning DIY costumes for an entire family of four, all themed around classic '80s and '90s entertainment — and intricate, choreographed family dances?! When we came across TikTokers @thathalloweenfamily, it was clear they absolutely go as big on Halloween as their handle would suggest, and it's something you've got to see for yourself!

I Kid You Not had the chance to get in touch with this incredible family, headed up by two high-school sweethearts who have been celebrating their love for the spookiest of holidays for 23 years (and it just might be the secret to their relationship).

Store-bought costumes and a porch jack-o'-lantern aren't in the cards for these folks. Instead, they told us they start their planning in January, hunting in thrift stores for the elements to make their costumes pop. As this family introduce their kids to the classic horror comedy gems of their childhood, they build intricate props that make their coordinated outfits wow at their local Halloween festival. Now, they're making waves on TikTok as they dance up a storm and rack up viral hit after hit.

Check out the video above to see just how amazing this family is, and learn why sometimes a 12-foot skeleton can be the best wedding anniversary gift.

A huge thank you to TikTokers @thathalloweenfamily (who are also on Instagram) for sharing all their incredible footage and sitting down with their family to dish on their commitment to the spookiness!

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