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Mom Victoria Emes's "I Will Survive" Parody Video

This Mom's "I Will Survive" Parody Tackles Life in Social Isolation, and Wow, She Nailed It

Many families are taking life in social distancing on a day-by-day basis: just make it to tomorrow! That's probably why Victoria Emes's "I Will Survive" parody is getting so much love on Facebook: because parents everywhere can relate. From throwing out the homeschool schedule to pouring that next glass of wine, Victoria's revamped song is all about getting through this unknown time with kids.

"Not going to lie, it's going to be tough because let's face it," Victoria captioned the video. "Partners can be utter pricks and kids, well, they're the biggest wankers of them all. But babes, we can f*cking do this. My advice — employ every coping strategy you can think of; dancing, cooking, singing, laughing, meditation, wanking (personal fave), hiding in a cupboard for five minutes of peace - whatever the f*ck you need to do to just SURVIVE THIS UTTER MADNESS. We'll get there girls . . . one gin/wine/crisp/chocolate biscuit/tear saturated day at a time." Say it louder for the people in the back, Victoria! Enjoy the popular video above, and don't be surprised if it runs through your brain all day.

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