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Watch Steve From Blue's Clues on The Late Show With Colbert

Steve From Blue's Clues Stopped By The Late Show, and Yeah, We Needed That Hug, Too

A lot of people came out of the woodwork over the last year and a half: exes looking to "just see how you are doing" (nope), random Facebook friends from your hometown with eyebrow-raising opinions (nope, unfriend), and the most surprising and heartwarming comeback of all, which was undoubtedly Steve Burns from Blue's Clues popping in just to say, "Hi!" Earlier this week, the internet took a break from the modern-day minutiae of feuding rappers and Kraft Mac & Cheese ice cream to take a deep breath and catch up with a friend from the past.

It had been 19 years since Steve left the beloved Nick Jr. show, but his video really spoke to all the millennials out there. Who knew that after all the sourdough-bread recipes, TikTok dances, and virtual meetings, all we really needed was some reassuring words from the man in the green striped shirt himself to assuage our fears and negative thoughts?

Just a few days after his comeback video permeated social media feeds, the actor stopped by The Late Show With Stephen Colbert to give Stephen, and all of us, a much-needed hug. It's impossible not to choke up while watching this. Check out the sweet clip of Steve, Stephen, and a boatload of emotions above.

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