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Watch Shirley Temple King on Ellen DeGeneres Show | Video

The 6-Year-Old "Shirley Temple King" Didn't Hold Back During His Taste Tests With Ellen

It was only a matter of time before the Shirley Temple King made his way to The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Six-year-old Leo Kelly recently rose to social media stardom after his parents started an Instagram account where he could honestly review restaurant variations on the classic ginger-ale-and-grenadine combination. Leo's reviews recently got a retweet from Chrissy Teigen, which resulted in a huge overnight follower boost. As of this article, his account is reaching over 249K fans.

On Monday, Leo stopped by Ellen's show to chat and also try some drinks prepared by celebrity chefs. Curtis Stone, Susan Feniger, and Cat Cora concocted their best (nonalcoholic!) Shirley Temples for Leo to rate on a scale of one to 9.5 — he didn't hold back! Watch the cute clip above, and you'll quickly understand why the Shirley Temple King has become Instagram royalty.

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