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Saturday Night Live's Boop-It Game Skit | Video

Game Night With the Family Takes a Real Turn in This Saturday Night Live "Boop-It" Sketch

Remember the Bop-It commercial from the 1998? Well it's back . . . sort of. The Feb. 8 episode of Saturday Night Live featured a spoof on the nostalgic toy with a fake advertisement for a new product called Boop-It. Strikingly similar in function to the original game — which would always go off in the middle of the night without warning — the Boop-It is a coordination game meant to bring family together. However, for Beck Bennett — who plays the father in the commercial — the game slowly but surely causes him to lose his cool, and he ends up becoming supercompetitive while playing a few rounds with his kids.

Before we know it, the intense dad is kicking his children's friend out of the house and reaching for his glass of Scotch more than once as he attempts to conquer the game. Watch until the end to see where the ad goes, and try not to crack up the second you hear, "Damn it, Deidre! You messed me up!" Um, yeah, so that took a dark turn . . .

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