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Ryan Reynold's "Not a Gin Ad" Croods Commercial | Video

Ryan Reynolds Is Selling Parents on Both a New Kids' Movie and Gin in This Commercial

Ryan Reynolds is at it again with another hilarious commercial for Aviation Gin! In the funny new clip, which shows him sitting in a leather armchair by a fire, the father of three plugged his new kids' movie, The Croods: A New Age, while assuring parents that he's not trying to push his alcohol brand on them, but rather, juice.

"This is absolutely not an ad for — or a partnership — with my top of the line, best-selling gin. No way," he said. "That's because we all know that The Croods: A New Age is a family film, and that gin is for mommys and daddys only. Nope, this is merely an ad for gin's family-friendly counterpart, juice."

After giving a semi-convincing spiel as to why juice should be the drink of choice for families, he offhandedly mentions that gin also really goes really well with juice if you're over the age of 21. And hey, we don't disagree.

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