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Watch This Paw Patrol Wash Your Hands Video For Kids

If You Can’t Get Your Kids Excited About Hand-Washing, This Paw Patrol Video Might Help!

If getting your kids to wash their hands often is proving to be one of the most tedious parts of your day, let Ryder and the pups from PAW Patrol help you out. In a new animated video featuring a catchy song, the Paw Patrol encourages your kids to wash their hands correctly and to speak up if they're not feeling well. Although the video is two minutes long, your kids can sing the most repetitive part of the song while they wash, as it's just about 20 seconds, the recommended timing for proper handwashing (starting with "We gotta wash wash wash wash wash our hands" through to "To help keep all our family and friends healthy and safe").

Watch the adorable video above — it just *might* help get your kids to not complain about washing their hands 3,428 times a day.

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