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Michael B. Jordan Reveals His Baby Name Plan For Future Kids

Michael B. Jordan "Never Looked Back" After Moving Out of His Parents' House 2 Years Ago

Michael B. Jordan is close with his family, but he won't be carrying on a certain tradition when it comes to his own kids. During a recent chat on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the Creed actor revealed what he won't be naming his future kids. As Ellen noted, his father's name is Michael A. Jordan and clearly the actor is Michael B., but there won't be a Michael C. in the next generation.

"I'm breaking that cycle right there," Michael told Ellen. "It's too much, the pressure I had to live up to my dad's name, and I'm not going to put that on my kid. I'm going to give him his own identity." As far as we know, Michael and his girlfriend, Lori Harvey, aren't expecting a child right now, but Michael certainly knows what he wants (and doesn't want) when it comes to baby names. Thankfully, he doesn't have to dwell on it too much because his parents are focused on his nephew, little 1-year-old Lennox. "He bought me some time," Michael joked.

The actor is also focused on building a place of his own after moving out of his parents' home nearly two years ago. He "never looked back," but there's still plenty of work going into his dream space. Watch the full video above to hear Michael chat all about family, present and future.

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