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Miami Dolphins Player Looking For His Mom at a Game | Video

A Mic'd Up NFL Linebacker Stressed Trying to Find His Mom in the Stands, and Frankly, It's Adorable

As a former athlete, I would have assumed that when a professional football player gets mic'd up during a game, he'd mostly just be screaming out plays and talking to his teammates. However, after watching an endearing video of a mic'd-up Jerome Baker Jr. — a linebacker for the Miami Dolphins — during Nov. 3's game against the New York Jets, I realized I was very, very wrong. In the-now viral video, Jerome is trying to figure out where his mom, Theodora, is. The 22-year-old athlete makes a few comments in an effort to pump up his teammates throughout the video, but his main concern was clearly his mother's location.

While on the sidelines he asked himself — in full earshot of a few teammates — "Where is my mama?" but it didn't stop there. He brought it up again when another player asked if he was doing OK. He even interrupted himself singing a Miami Dolphins song to inquire about her whereabouts. Eventually, he found Theodora in the crowd, and all was well.

Jerome caught wind of the clip once it started making its rounds on Twitter, and was very amused with himself. "It was just funny. You don't realize how many times I was saying it, but I was saying it so much. The video made it funnier," he told the Sun-Sentinel. "It was like the whole game, I was saying: 'Where's my mom? Where's my mom?' It was just a funny moment I didn't realize, but I was definitely looking for my mom a lot."

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