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Man's Funny Spoof on What His Wife Is Like | Video

A Man Spoofed His Wife's Obsession With Target, Candles, and a Whole Lot of Coffee Creamer

Father of two Taylor Calmus admits that he's been studying his wife Heidi's behavior during their eight-year marriage. And while most husbands just shrug and move on when asked about their partner's quirks, this comedian opted to make a full-fledged spoof about it. He posted the clip to YouTube with the caption, "Here's my impersonation of every wife ever. As a husband, I've been observing my wife for eight years now, and these are pretty much all very, very true. Anyone else?" To be completely honest, I haven't laughed this hard in a long while.

The Los Angeles-based blogger touched on everything from "quick" Target runs that end up taking hours to how much creamer she puts in her coffee to how loud she is in the morning, and as a wife myself, I have to say his interpretation is pretty freakin' accurate. One of the best parts? How Heidi always seems to have a headache. Same, girl! Watch until the end for a good old-fashioned chuckle.

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