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This 5-Year-Old Girl's Makeup Tutorial Video Is Too Cute

I Feel Spiritually Connected to This Girl Who Paused Her Makeup Tutorial to Eat a Cookie

World, prepare to have your day brightened, courtesy of this little girl named Rose. A 5-year-old with the cutest accent, Rose recently showed off her beauty know-how by filming a step-by-step makeup tutorial, and the entire thing is too freakin' adorable to comprehend. She begins the video by brushing her hair and making it "nice and smooth" before securing it into a ponytail, which she then blowdries, for some unknown reason. Next, she adamantly advises her viewers to use face cream before applying makeup because you'll apparently get "spots on your face" if you don't. That's news to me!

"You can borrow some of your mum's makeup, but this is mine because I'm old enough," Rose says proudly before smearing some blush on her cheeks in a circular motion. "Be careful not to put too much on," she warns while applying her second layer of the bright pink makeup. After blush comes gold eye shadow, which she coats her eyelids with while holding down her lashes. Rose evens out the amount of eye shadow on each lid, adding, "You have to make sure they're the exact same or else people will laugh at you." Hah!

Then, because "you have to have a little break," Rose pauses to sip orange juice from a Disney Princess-themed mug and munch on a cookie like a relatable queen. Why? Because mid-makeup-application snacks are a must, obviously. Watch Rose's entire video above to hear her hilarious commentary and see the end result of her labors. We sense a beauty YouTuber in the making!

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