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Learn the Italian Phrases in Luca in This Translation Video

Pixar Teaches Your Kids the Italian Words and Phrases in Luca in This Handy Video

As I watched the delightful Pixar film Luca for the first time, I found myself giggling at the phrases and words in Italian, unsure as to why there weren't subtitles to translate them. Although none of them really matter much in terms of understanding what's going on, a lot of them — Giulia's phrases, mostly — are hilarious and witty (Luca's last name translates to "crab"!). Luckily, Pixar is offering your kids a free Italian lesson so that they, too, can learn what it is that Alberto is saying to Luca as he gets on the train at the end of the movie. OK, so they don't translate that one, but director Enrico Casarosa explained the phrase further in a tweet.

"Piacere Girolamo Trombetta," he wrote. "It's a silly kids thing from when I grew up. It's at its base a pun with a hand shake that goes with it. It's Italian roughly for 'nice to meet you my name is twisty trombone!' And as you say your name you mimick the name in the hand shake movement."

So fun! Learn more of the Italian words and phrases in Luca in the video above.

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