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Kim Kardashian Responds to Kendall's Parenting Comments

Kim Kardashian Says Kendall Jenner Shouldn't Have Named Kourtney the Worst Parent in the Family

Kendall Jenner's recent response to a tough question about her siblings' parenting skills may have been all in good fun, but it looks like it's causing some tension between the model and her sisters. Kendall was put in the hot seat last week during a game of "Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts" on The Late Late Show with James Corden, and while playing the Fear Factor-style game with her ex Harry Styles, the 24-year-old was faced with having to either take a sip of 1,000-year-old eggnog or rank all five of her siblings from best to worst parents. Needless to say, she decided to do the latter, though her older sister Kourtney Kardashian, whom she placed as the worst, wasn't too thrilled to hear about her ranking.

Now Kim Kardashian is opening up about the moment. The 39-year-old mom of four appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Tuesday, where she briefly spoke about how Kourtney took the comment and explained why Kendall should have just drank the eggnog instead of answering the question.

"To her defense, she did start it off with, 'You guys, they are all amazing parents.' So of course everyone's going to take just the order," she told the host of what Kendall said before ranking them. "I completely understood that Kourtney was sensitive about that because she's an amazing parent, so Kendall just should've drank or eaten a tarantula. Whatever she had to do."

On the subject of eating gross things, Kim went on to recall her last appearance on the segment, when she chose to drink a sardine smoothie instead of confirming Kylie and Khloé's pregnancies. "I mean, I covered up for Khloé and Kylie when they asked me on Corden if they were pregnant, and I drank, like, bird sperm or something, you know? It's like, you gotta take one for the family team." Yikes! Hopefully Kendall's late-night appearance didn't cause too much drama between her and her siblings. See what else Kim had to say about it in the video above.

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