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Watch Kate Hudson Talk About Homeschooling on Ellen

"It's Just a Juggling Act," Kate Hudson Says as She Wrangles Her Toddler Mid-Interview

Kate Hudson is reading a lot these days — and not novels or scripts, as you might imagine, but homework. "I'm definitely doing more reading than I've ever done in my life," the actress and mom of three recently said in a virtual appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. While wrangling her 1-year-old daughter, Rani, Kate offered insight into how she's homeschooling 16-year-old Ryder and 8-year-old Bingham during this period of staying home. She added, "The schooling thing is an adjustment."

So, how's she making it work? "Well, Ellen. Funny you ask," Kate said after a deep sigh. "I have one area for Bing because it's more hands-on, I have to sit with him. So, he's got his area, and then Ryder does his work in his area, and we do check-ins because he's doing lectures and there's Zoom." She also noted: "It's just a juggling act — an adjustment and a juggling act, but it's good. I'm thankful for our health."

Kate proceeded to joke about what it's like to be a parent in the age of social distancing. "I was thinking about the Zoom cocktail hours, and I just don't know what that is like with kids," she said. "You're always hearing people talk about, 'Oh, what a time to reflect, and go inside, and look at your life.' I'm like, there is no reflecting. . . . I'm waiting for the moment of reflection." Watch the delightfully candid and refreshing interview above.

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