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Justin Hartley Gives Mandy Moore Parenting Advice | Video

Justin Hartley Has Some Pretty Solid Advice For His Pregnant Costar, Mandy Moore

Justin Hartley is dishing out some helpful parenting tips for his pregnant costar, Mandy Moore! While speaking with Kelly Clarkson during an interview for The Kelly Clarkson Show, he shared a little nugget of wisdom: sleep while you can.

"It's unbelievable — this woman is, like, radiant," the father to 16-year-old Isabella told Kelly. "You would never know she was pregnant. She looks like she could run a marathon. But I would tell her, if I did have to tell her something, I would say, 'Get your sleep now.' Because when the babies come, you're not gonna sleep much. And if you do sleep, it won't be the same quality of sleep."

Yup, you can say that again! Watch until the end to hear Kelly discuss how her kiddos fall asleep on her.

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