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How Jennifer Lopez Made Time For Her Kids on Set of Hustlers

How J Lo Made Sure Her Kids Had Her Attention in the 29 Grueling Days of Shooting Hustlers

Jennifer Lopez seems to get more and more talented with age, and her latest role in Hustlers is already bringing on Oscars buzz. According to J Lo, the entire movie was shot in 29 days, which sounds grueling, especially for a mom of four — she shares twins with ex-husband Marc Anthony and is soon to officially be stepmom to fiancé Alex Rodriguez's two daughters.

In a video the actress did for Vanity Fair, "Everything Jennifer Lopez Does in a Day," Jennifer says, "When you're doing a movie, it pretty much consumes your life." But despite her extremely busy schedule and the fact that she was getting about two hours of sleep at times throughout the filming process, because she's seemingly superwoman, she still made time for her kids and Alex.

"For me, even when I'm on the set I try to concentrate on the character, [but] my family — Alex and the kids — know they can call me any time. If I'm literally in front of the camera is the only time I won't take the call, and then the minute that you yell, 'Cut!' somebody tells me, 'The kids called,' [or] 'Alex called,' and I call them right back. That never goes away. You're a mom no matter what."

But the Hustlers star doesn't wait on her kids to call her — the family stay extremely connected considering how busy they all are, especially Jennifer. "I talk to them a thousand times a day, in the morning, at night, if I'm on the set, if they're in school, just depending on where we are," she said. "If they're in town with me I obviously go into their rooms when I get home. They always tell me, 'Make sure you come into my room, come kiss me, come check on me,' and I take pictures so they know that I came in there. I send [the photos] to them in the morning and they see it — in case they're gone before I get up or I'm gone before they get up. We just stay very connected that way."

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