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Harry Styles "Childbirth Class" SNL Skit | Video

Harry Styles Is — How You Say? — Annoyingly Carefree as He Takes a Childbirth Class on SNL

Harry Styles walks into your childbirth class. What do you do? Well, if he's one-half of an annoyingly perfect Icelandic couple expecting triplets, you might just have to zone him out and hope for the best. That's the funny situation the Saturday Night Live cast found themselves in when Harry hosted the show on Nov. 16.

The 25-year-old "Lights Up" singer (joined by SNL's Heidi Gardner) becomes the least popular parent in a prenatal class as he brags about how easy his family's journey has been so far. Living in the US on "lip-synching visas," the couple don't feel weighed down by anything, and they're more than willing to share the, ahem, intimate details of their relationship with complete strangers.

It's pretty hilarious to watch Harry fully commit to his Icelandic accent and even better when you think about the realities of pregnancy. No one actually gets the flawless family life, but it's — how you say? — freakin' funny to watch Harry and Heidi's take.

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