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Ellie Kemper Insults Her Baby to Her Firstborn Kid

Ellie Kemper Admits She Insults Her New Baby to Win Her Firstborn Son's "Approval"

Ellie Kemper is now a mom of two and determined to make her firstborn son, James, not feel excluded by the new baby, although the self-proclaimed "people-pleaser" has taken her goal of making sure he's happy a bit too far.

"So everyone warned me, of course, you need to shower the older one with attention — you don't want them to feel left out," Ellie said while on Jimmy Kimmel Live. "I am going overboard. I am so worried about James feeling left out that I've found myself insulting the baby to win James's approval."

Insulting baby Matthew, eh? How could she possibly do that?

Ellie explained: "I'm like, 'It's just that Matthew's a baby. He's dumb!'"

She was quick to admit that "it's so mean to the baby," but she can't keep from doing it.

"The baby is seven weeks old. He's like 'gahhh!'" she said. "'Matthew can't do what you can do because he's an idiot.' James knows what I'm saying, and I'm a people-pleaser, so I'm like, Matthew will never remember that I'm saying this, but James will!"

At that point, she looked into the camera and said, "I love you, Matthew . . . but you're a little dumb."

Image Source: Getty / Amanda Edwards
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