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Ciara on Win's Delivery and Older Sibling Reactions | Video

Ciara Said Her 3-Year-Old Daughter Thought Her Brother Was a Baby Doll, and Welp

Ciara is soaking up every single moment with her newborn son, Win! In a virtual interview with Access, the 34-year-old singer opened up about her son's birth and how the rest of the family is adjusting to their new bundle of joy nine weeks later. After noting that Win's delivery was truly a smooth, quiet experience, she gushed about how helpful her husband, Russell Wilson, was throughout the process.

"The sweetest thing of all is that we were blessed with a healthy delivery with our son, and so that was the best. And I have to say, my husband was pretty darn awesome because during all of it he was like everything in one," Ciara said. "He was a cameraman, making sure we had the camera set up right so we could get the angle when the baby comes out. And he actually helped pull Win out towards the end, which was really sweet."

She continued, saying that Russell was also able to sneak in some bonding time with his son. "So we got some memorable moments. And he had chest-to-chest with him. It was just very intimate and really, really full of love, more than anything. So I'm grateful for that."

"Sienna thought he was like a baby doll in the beginning."

According to the mom of three, her latest addition — whom she's nicknamed "Man Man" — is a "very easy" baby who just loves to eat. And apparently, his older siblings, 6-year-old Future and 3-year-old Sienna, can't get enough of him. "With Win, all they want to do is love on him. He's like the sweetest thing to them. There's not one day where they're like, 'He's getting all this love.' They don't feel like there's a little brother and sister jealousy," she said. "None of that stuff with him. They're super excited about him, and all they want to do is hold him."

Reflecting back on when Win was first born, Ciara shared that she had to explain to Sienna that her although her little brother was small, he wasn't a baby doll. "Sienna thought he was like a baby doll in the beginning," Ciara shared. "I had to show her early on that you can't [hold] him like a baby doll, because we all know how that goes, 'cause baby dolls get slung around all kinda ways! But they're in love. We're all having the time of our lives right now, so it's been a blessing."

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