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Fisher-Price Fake Bar Playset

What You Need to Know About the Fake Holiday Toy That Parents Are Freaking Out Over

A "potential" holiday toy is currently going viral for two different reasons: some understand that it isn't real and find it hilarious, while others missed the joke and are outraged by its existence.

This "Fisher-Price" happy-hour playset features a plastic bar, bar stools, and beer bottles. The best part of the box for some is the cranky bartender who is wiping down the counter as two tots sip on their drinks. After comedian Amiri King shared the image on Facebook as a funny Christmas gift option, people have been commenting on both his and Fisher-Price's pages (showing that they missed the joke) and will not be buying this toy (not that they even could).

Here are just a few comments:

"Stupid toys. This is what happens when morals are gone and proper common sense is missing. Political correctness created this." — Patrick S.

"Only in America does a cooperation think its cool to make little ones think this is ok. This is horrible and we wonder why our family and friends kids have problem with alcohol!" — Christina R.

"Personally, I think this is a terrible gift. Hard to comprehend a company making such a thing. You may not think this so funny in a few years! Why would you trivialize drinking with small children! They will be impressed with the 'coolness' of it. You may not think it so great when they have a problem or kill someone else drinking and driving!" — Betty C.

"Nice to teach are kids its ok to drink! This really pissed me off. Who the f*ck thinks it is in any way ok for a damn child. F*cking stupid people I swear!" — Jessica S.

Fisher-Price issued a statement to clear up any potential confusion, and hopefully this message spreads just as quickly. "In the last few weeks some comical, yet fictional, Fisher-Price products have been introduced — perhaps the result of adult writers, designers, and comedians that were Fisher-Price kids themselves," Amber Pietrobono, public relations manager for Fisher-Price, told CBS News. "As a premiere childhood development company focused on helping families get the best possible start in life, we take our role in developing toys and products very seriously, but can appreciate the recent product development suggestions as obvious love of the brand."

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